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Eternity RINGS

What is an eternity ring?

Traditionally eternity rings are gifted to celebrate the birth of a child. An eternity ring symbolises a never-ending love. It is traditionally worn with a lady’s engagement and wedding ring, but it can be worn on another finger too. Quite often people come to us for an eternity many years after the birth of their first child; it really doesn’t matter!

do I get the right design?

A really good start point is to emulate the design of existing rings, so if it’s going to be worn with a wedding and engagement ring we’ll take a steer from these with respect to style, metal, width, profile and the way stones are set.

If you want to create a ring as a surprise then you can show us photos or simply describe it to us and look at examples in the shop.

You can always gift just the design sketches and/ or some stones too and invite your loved one in for their very own personal design experience. We can create a Champagne Design Experience for them too.

What order should my rings go in?

You can wear the rings in any order you choose, but if you would like to follow the tradition it would be wedding ring, engagement ring then the last ring is your eternity ring.

What stones should be in eternity ring?

You can have any stone in your eternity ring. Some people choose to have all diamonds and others might choose to have blue or pink stones to represent the birth of their child being a boy or girl. You could also have a birthstone; it is your choice and we will advise on the suitability of different gemstones, cost and quality.

Does it need to be the same metal as my other rings?

Ideally you want all the same metals so that the colour will match and they will wear better together.

Can you have an eternity ring without been married?

Yes, the eternity band is to symbolise the eternal love you have for one another.

What does it look like?

Eternity rings are often a band with stones set in. The other option is a ring with larger stones set in to a setting head, usually 5, 7, or 9 stones.

Should I have a band with diamonds going all the way around?

You can have a band with the diamonds going all the way around but we recommend going up to about 70% of the way around so if you need your ring resizing in the future it’s easier to do so plus this gives your ring a clear ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ which means it will wear a bit better over time too.

How do I choose other gem stones?

We’ll always let you see loose gem stones before setting them and give you the chance to compare quality, sizes and colours. It’s amazing how much gem stones can vary, we like to maintain our high quality standards but also let you have the option to say you’ve handpicked the stones too – if you want to.

How long does it take to make?

Depending on what detail it can take on average between 4-6 weeks If you need it made sooner let us know and we’ll see what we can do.