If you have any concerns or queries not covered below please feel free to get in touch by telephone on: 01256 355945 or by email: [email protected]


Do you do repairs?

This is our most frequently asked question! Yes, we try to help with everything.

We do all manner of goldsmith related work like chain repairs and re-sizing rings, as well as specialist work like pearl stringing, laser and hand engraving, plating, supplying and setting stones.

What are the risks in having work done to my jewellery?

Sometimes we might advise you of the risks involved with the work we need to do to your item such as using heat and unsetting stones but we’d rather help and manage that than say ‘no’.

How long do repairs take?

Generally we allow 2-3 weeks for a straight forward repair. Then we add 1.5 weeks for each additiona;l trade that is needed such as setting, engraving.

How much will it cost?

We will always give you a quote to do the work needed. Sometimes we might need sometime to work this out but most of the time we try to do this when you come in. We can do estimates remotely too if you want to email or message (on Facebook) a picture.

Do you post my jewellery anywhere?

We have an on-site goldsmith who does the bulk of our goldsmithing work plus two goldsmiths that have both worked from home for us for about 20 years – we post to them using Special Delivery so your item is always insured.

If we know your item is particularly precious then we can ensure it stays on site, however if it needs work doing to it that we can’t do onsite such as laser engraving we don’t have a laser engraving machine) then we will agree the best course of action with you.

Can you repair delicate items of jewellery?

Usually we can because we have invested in a laser welder which doesn’t need heat and enables our goldsmith to do a lot more especially with more sensitive deigns and stones.

My white gold ring keeps going yellow, can you stop this?

We can do a pallnic and rhodium plating that lasts longer than just the standard rhodium plating. We could also ultimately remake your ring in platinum of palladium rich white gold which will never look yellow.

Do you re-string things?

Yes, we can restring pearls and other jewellery.

What happens if you adjust my ring size and then it still doesn’t fit?

If we’ve measured you we’ll adjust it again for free (within a week of you collecting it). We also try to establish why it doesn’t fit you, sometimes the weather and exercise can make it more complicated so we take this all in to consideration.

Can you repair my jewellery whilst I wait?

Yes, we just need to book our goldsmith’s time out in advance so please get in touch to do this.

I don’t need my item repaired on the spot but don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks, can you do it more quickly?

Yes, we offer an Express Service for an additional £45 and then our team will re-jog our workload to we can fit it in for you.

Why has my stone come out?

There can be a number of reasons why your stone might come out (or loose); often it’s due to impact and/ or also general wear and tear. Sometimes stones break, even diamonds can fracture and come loose. Occasionally the metal is substandard and weaker and sometimes it’s down to the craftsmanship.

We also consider and advise on the suitability of the design for your expectations and lifestyle. Having a problem with a stone might be an indication something needs building up or re-designing.

Whether you bring in an item you bought somewhere else or if it’s one from us we are always completely transparent with our assessment of what might have happened. It’s not always possible to say for sure and we advise and treat each issues on a case by case scenario.