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Remodelling your JEWELLERY

What metals can you remodel?

It’s not just ‘gold’ we can melt down and remake into new pieces; we can also use your silver, platinum, and palladium too. We’ve even made a necklet from old silver pictures frames!

What if I don’t have enough gold?

We can either discuss making your piece smaller and we’ll manage your expectations with this, or we can supply you with the extra metal you need to achieve what you want. We will of course give you a quote first and advise on what carat is the best to use too.

Can I use my old stones?

Using your old stones can add significant sentimental value to your piece so yes, wherever we can we are happy to use them. If we have any concerns about the safety of them due to their condition or hardness value we will talk it through with you.

I have lots of different kinds of gold – can I mix the carats?

We can mix different yellow and rose gold carats, white gold we prefer to keep to one carat but if necessary we can try to mix it.

Can I mix white and yellow gold?

You can’t mix yellow and white golds but there might be ways to make your design so we can use both and either make the colour difference a design feature, or we can plate one of them to make it all look one colour.

How will I know it’s definitely my gold you use?

It’s not in our interest to not use your gold, it would cost us more money and also we really understand how important it is to use your old memories. If for any reason we discover in the melting process your gold isn’t going to be suitable to use (very rarely this happens) we will tell you so you are part of the decision making process.

How much will my piece be worth after remodelling?

Often your finished piece will be worth more than what you’ve paid towards making it, but it does depend on the metal and the current market prices, plus any stones that are set into it. We can provide you with a sensible valuation before or after you decide to have the piece made, just ask!

I have no idea on the design I want – can you help?

Of course – that’s what we’re good at and really enjoy. The design process can be a journey, and through asking you the right questions and showing you examples, together we will rule things out and hone in on the perfect design for you. We have some fantastic resources that can help inspire you too, our case studies and Pinterest page are a good place to start.

If we don’t use all of my gold – what can I do with the leftovers?

You can either keep the leftovers and perhaps use them for a future project, or gift them to a family member. We can also give you the scrap value for them; sometimes the leftovers can pay off the balance for the work!

Do I get my left over gold back?

Absolutely – it might not look pretty, but you get back a lump of gold. We can rework it into a prettier ‘blob’ if you want to use it as a gift!

How do I know if I have enough gold?

We’ve got guide weights on our portfolio but there’s generally some flexibility depending on the finished dimensions and the density of the metal we’re using. Your designer will make sure you’re clear on whether we need more metal, and also what the value of likely leftovers are going to be. It’s normally an educated estimate but certainly helps you budget.

What is the refining process?

Our goldsmith is really experienced at sifting out any base metals such as the tiny sprigs in claps, and then melting down gold.